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November 21, 2015, 08:52:40 PM by James
Views: 221 | Comments: 9

Spawning items will now be enabled until the reset occurs, which is not very far away! Log in and check it out!

Be careful when clicking on links that have been posted on the forums and in the chatbox! I have been informed that they contain a trojan/keylogger virus that may or may not be undetectable by an anti-virus.

Always remember that .jar files can easily contain a virus, so only open them from trusted websites.
November 13, 2015, 09:42:16 AM by James
Views: 562 | Comments: 47

Hello everyone,

I will use this post to keep you updated on all the changes that are going on before the economy reset, I will put some things in red that need to be completed, but anything that comes up in between will be worked on as I go, which will be in green. The changes in green or orange (in progress) will most likely be on the game currently.

Estimated Progress Towards Reset: 70%!!!

Economy Changes
-Increase rarity of most of the top tiered items
-Increase prices of top tiered items in the Event Point shop
-Look through all drop rates carefully and make adjustments for each monster, along with testing (long process)
-Adjust points given back after the reset, testing included

Gameplay Changes
-Double drop rates within the wilderness
-Blood rapier special attack no longer inreases attack speed. Instead, your damage is increased by 10% during the duration it is active
-Blood rapier special attack will now deactivate and stop draining your health when you switch to a different weapon
-Donator Zone Portal has been changed
-Donators may use the portal once per 20 minutes
-Super Donators may use the portal once per 15 minutes
-Elite Donators may use the portal once per 20 minutes
-No longer takes you to wilderness locations for Chaos elemental or Giant mole, it was an unfair advantage that was overlooked
-Dagannoth kings and Dagannoth mother are now located in a secondary location, in the Wilderness. You can access them by entering the ladder near the Chaos elemental.
-Wilderness Dagannoth kings have 30% less accuracy, defence and damage than the regular versions
-Wilderness Dagannoth mother has 30% less accuracy, defence and damage than the regular version
-Wilderness King black dragon now has 30% more accuracy, defence and damage than the regular version
-Wilderness Chaos elemental now has 30% more accuracy, defence and damage than the regular version
-The Donator Zone's King black dragon has been moved to prevent safe spotting. You must use a rope on the dungeon entrance after entering the Evil chicken's lair to access it
-Ore, bar, gem and log prices have been majorly increased
-Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) prices slightly increased
-Amulets of glory can now be upgraded up to 4 times by adding an uncut dragonstone and a perfect gold bar
-Fixed a bug that was probably making Zamorak and Saradomin staves attack slightly slower than intended
-Divine spirit shield will now decrease all damage taken by 20% instead of 30% against players only. It will continue to reduce all damage from monsters by 30%. I think there have been enough complaints to justify this change, and I have to strongly agree with it. This being said, I still want to keep this item extremely rare
-You can now only be assigned targets that are within 5 combat levels of you
-Did You Know messages and Gear Point messages will only appear once per 5 minutes and if you don't have maximum Gear Points
-Bosses will respawn roughly once per 30 seconds rather than 1 minute. Dagannoth kings will still only spawn once per minute.
-All Rapiers will now attack slower, the same speed as the whip The speed was problematic, I am glad everyone was able to point it out to me. It may have also caused the problem where attack animations would not show sometimes
-Most skills will give lower experience while we have spawn enabled
-You can now bank at the Karamja fishing area
-There is now a PK Point requirement for teleporting to varrock using a teleport tab
-A regular amulet of glory can now be used to teleport
-Kills using the Staff of light will now give magic kill points
-Stats have been corrected on the following items: Armadyl godsword, Dragon claws, Chaotic rapier, Chaotic maul, Chaotic longsword, Chaotic staff
-Armadyl and Bandos godsword special attacks were doing less damage than intended.
-Dragon halberd special attack accuracy has been increased, damage has been decreased slightly for the 2nd hit
-Gear points gained per 5 minutes and maximum Gear points are now based on your donator status. Basically, non-donators may get 1 free set of gear per 5 minutes, donators get more depending on their rank
-Gear point shop has been slightly changed, and allows you to purchase more than 1 item at a time
-All Broodoo shields now share a cooldown timer. You may now only cast 1 Broodoo shield spell per 45 seconds
-You will no longer always run next to your target when attacking with a Crystal bow or while casting magic
-Following is now fixed while casting magic
-Players will no longer be able to continue moving while frozen if they're wielding a bow or casting magic
-Magic damage and accuracy is now calculated when you cast the spell, not when it hits. This allows you to switch to different items before the spell casts and your hit remains the same
-Spells now have a different delay after being cast, allowing you to do another hit in quick succession after the spell hits if you switch weapons
-Make the rocks during the K'ril Tsutsaroth boss fight less annoying
-Balance bonus drop rates, should not need to worry about them as much during PvM.
-Remove asking new players about Trained Accounts
-Trained account bonus drop rate will be slightly less effective
-Faster combat experience gains
-Kit spawning for gear points or coins
-Gear Point changes involving earning Gear Points from certain activities
-More focus on wilderness and events, less focus on PvM (Outside of the wilderness especially)
-Daily Challenges where players can choose a PvP and PvM challenge and receive a large related bonus and reward for completion *
-Work on clan functions, possibly shared Slayer experience for clan members.
-Fix ranging.

Item Changes
-Zamorakian spear is now 1 handed. It wasn't worth using as a 2 handed weapon
-Dharok's set bonus now works properly. Turmoil is the reason you hit high around 50 health, I'm not sure if anyone would want it removed and replaced with piety/chivalry
-Polypore staff was way too strong for what it is, a 1 hand staff that works on any spellbook. The accuracy has been lowered from 95 to 70, and base damage from 40 to 38. If needed, I could restrict the Polypore staff from being used on any spellbook besides Lunar.
-Fix autocast and staves to allow you to cast other spells while wearing them, such as teleblock.

Item Requirements
-Regular staves no longer have requirements to equip
-Prayer level requirement now works properly, you will have to have the prayer requirements to wear certain spirit shields: Level 75 for divine, Level 70 for arcane, spectral, and elysian
-Primal armor requires 99 Defence to wear

If you have anything you'd like to see changed, fixed, or added, please let me know in this topic, thanks!
November 12, 2015, 10:08:09 PM by James
Views: 106 | Comments: 4

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to see many of you are still finding ways to enjoy the server during the time we're just waiting for updates to happen! Why not have some more fun with it?

Rapid Fire K'ril Tsutsaroth!
Negative energy has awoken Zamorak's Warlord, K'ril Tsutsaroth, from a deep meditation. Now he's really pissed. After being defeated, he will now reincarnate 5 minutes later with the help of Zamorakian wizards, so get ready to rumble. This event will last until Monday, November 16th.

-Double Votes until Monday, November 16th
-Double wilderness drop rates are now active!
-Drop rate balancing is not yet in effect, just double drop rates for now!

Hope to see many of you at this event! Have a great weekend.
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