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April 08, 2015, 05:03:36 PM by James
Views: 204 | Comments: 10

Hello everyone!

** Sale Ends Tomorrow! **

This month we'll be having a Spring Sale for donations, this is partly due to the fact I had to migrate through a few different hosts and still continued paying for advertisements while the server was down for nearly a month. Hopefully we'll be able to raise enough to pay for all of the hosting and some new advertisements very soon!

So what's the deal? All Donator Points purchased through Plimus/BlueSnap and PayPal between now and April 20th will be increased by 30%! This includes the tickets that you will receive. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

Plimus/Bluesnap has been disabled for now.

I am slowly working on sorting out all the issues with the accounts, I may start receiving some additional help with that soon, please have patience!

Have a great weekend!
March 25, 2015, 03:02:54 AM by James
Views: 451 | Comments: 16

Hello everyone,

New Website Layout
Just a quick announcement that our new website layout is now online. It was designed by one of our members, Peurr. If you have any issues or concerns with the new design, please let me know or comment below.

Other News..
There are a few things I forgot to mention in the previous update:

1. The update was not 100% complete, I still have not added the ::multi command to help with Multi-PK'ing, and I plan on redoing all of the drop tables, mainly for monsters within the wilderness.

2. The lever near the portals beside Edgeville Bank is the monster lever, it will take you one of the monster areas in the wilderness, at random. There is no benefit to pulling this lever besides getting to a monster area quickly.

3. More monsters have been added into the Wilderness, including Blue dragons, Chaos dwarves, Abyssal demons, Greater demons, and the Black knight titan boss. You will have to explore to find them.

4. Shiny and Magic keys will now only drop in the Wilderness, I will be adding these items as drops for nearly all Wilderness monsters, which I will mention when the update happens.

Thanks, have a great week.
March 21, 2015, 03:05:13 PM by James
Views: 622 | Comments: 19

ForeverPkers is Online!
Some great news for you today, I was able to finally retrieve the character files. You can expect to be able to login to your account just like you did before the server went offline, and you should have the same stats/items. There are 2 things you can expect from this new server.
-Less lag
-More fun

The issue causing the server to crash has been fixed.
Events are here! But there's still more to come, I did however want to put up the latest updates due to the fact that the server was down for so long.

What are events? They are a new way of increasing popularity in certain areas of PK'ing. Participating in events is very rewarding. Not only will you receive bonus points or drop rates when killing players and monsters, but you will now also have a chance to get Potential Drops from monsters (keep in mind this is only during the Monster events). Potential Drop chance is increased for bosses and decreased for normal monsters. In addition, your chance to receive a Potential Drop from defeating a player during a PK'ing event is highly increased! New items, including Statuettes have been added to the Potential Drop table. Are you confused yet?

Events are now enabled.

Event Points

On top of these bonuses, there is also a new type of currency point, called Event Points. There are a few ways of earning these:
-Earning 1 kill during an Event - 25 Points
-Winning 1st place in an Event - 75 Points (adds with previous)
-Kill a player during Edgeville PK'ing - 10 Points
-Kill a player during Multi PK'ing - 5 Points
-Kill a weak monster during Wildy Monster Slaying - 1 Point per 3 kills
-Kill a regular monster during Wildy Monster Slaying - 1 Point per kill
-Kill a boss during Wildy Boss Slaying - 5 Points per kill

New Items
A few new items are now in stores! Leaf-bladed sword, karambwan, and onyx bolts (e) to name a few. Or should I say, to name them all.
Leaf-bladed sword: A powerful weapon for slaying, it will double your damage and accuracy against monsters.
Raw/Cooked karambwan: A combo food, can be eaten quickly after eating other food in order to heal more hitpoints, like a Saradomin brew except you don't lose stats. These can be fished, rub an Amulet of glory and teleport to Karamja, and talk to one of the fishers there to teleport to Port Khazard.
Onyx bolts (e): Can be used as a replacement for Dragon bolts, if the enemy is heavily protected against Dragonfire. They will heal you for a percentage of the special attack. They can be crafted by using an Uncut onyx on runite bolts, however you will need a high level in Fletching.

Fishing and Cooking
I took a bit of time to make working Fishing and Cooking skills, it may not interest many of you, but it is meant as a starter money-making method in a way. You can fish Karambwan and Sea turtles, one of which are near the level 50 Wilderness obelisk. To begin your fishing journey, rub an Amulet of glory and teleport to Karamja. You can buy and sell the raw or cooked food in some of the shops.

Potential Changes
There has been a small change to the way Potential works. Your maximum potential can now be increased. There are 2 ways to increase your Maximum Potential:
-Have a red skull.
-Risk over 2M, 10M, or 100M, each increasing your Maximum Potential by a greater amount.

Potential can now reach up to 600%, and is earned much faster. However, getting any Potential Drop will decrease your potential, the better the reward the more potential you will lose. It is simply to prevent farming Potential Drops extremely fast. Higher Potential gives you a much greater chance of receiving Potential Drops, more PK Points from kills, and higher drop rates from monsters in the wilderness.

Voting & Donating
Voting and donating are working again. Double Vote points are now in effect and will be on a better schedule, I will try to do double Vote Rewards every weekend between Friday and Sunday. I have been receiving requests to give Donating better rewards, I am going to attempt at making a few changes to allow Donating to be more beneficial.

Firstly, I am aware that some accounts were reset whenever the server first crashed. I will work on taking care of these accounts first, anyone who needs help with an account recovery feel free to PM me and I will try to help with that as well. I will try and get as many account recoveries done as possible.

-::food now gives a worse type of food for all ranks. I just want to higher encourage people to buy food, it's not that expensive but I believe it should be part of the game.
-There are 'perfect' gold bars sold in the general store, you can buy and sell them for 1M each.
-Items sold to shops now increase the shop's stock.

If you have any comments or find issues with the update please leave them below! Enjoy, hope you all have a great weekend.
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