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February 25, 2015, 10:57:48 AM by James
Views: 456 | Comments: 63

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for your thoughts and ideas for an update that is nearly complete, however, there are a few other potential changes I would like to discuss and they will require feedback from you to complete.


ForeverPkers is not what it used to be, a full on PK'ing server. In fact, when the server was the most popular, bosses did not even drop items! Many people have told me the server has recently turned into a boring PvM server, and I cannot let that happen! Why is that? Because, I am not going change the name of the server, so it needs to be less about PvM, and more about PK'ing. Now why is this? Simply put, most people play for the PK'ing, I used to play for the PK'ing and I agree, it's just not very fun anymore due to the lack of activity! We can mostly agree OldSchool RuneScape high level PK'ing is not accessible without spending hundreds of hours preparing, so, we need to keep ForeverPkers playable for people like me and you, who would still like to enjoy the Oldschool PK'ing experience but without the grind! However, I don't want to ruin the fun for all of the PvM'ers and Skillers out there, so, we have some ideas to change this while maintaining the balance between PK'ing, PvM'ing and Skilling, whilst still leaning mostly towards the PK'ing portion:

-Adding more above average items into the PK Point shop (Heroic boots/amulet, Chaotic weaponry, etc.)
-Doubling (2x) boss rare drop rates, or increase them by 50% (Korasi, Primal weaponry, etc.)
-Adding more rare items to Potential Drop rewards, or include all rare items. (Korasi's sword, Polypore, Handcannon, Primal weaponry, etc.)
-New Wilderness Skilling locations that could be Potential Hotspots. These skilling areas would take a lot of time to profit from it, but would be worth doing for skillers that want to start a particular market, so come prepared. (did anyone forget about Papyrus?)
-Entire Potential system rework, including checking your risk, and drop rewards. PvP statuettes as an additional Potential Drop, statuettes range between 500K and 100M to a shop. No alching them.
-New Target Point shop items, and a Target finding system rework
-More variety in PK'ing choices! And balancing.
-Removing bosses*

* = unlikely

If there are any changes you disagree with or would like to see added to the thread, please let us know below.

Event Update

The Event update is almost complete. There are 4 events so far which give bonus PK/Target Points or drop rate. Edgeville PK'ing, Multi PK'ing, Wildy Boss Slaying, Wildy Monster Slaying. Whoever earns the most kills during the 10 minute event will receive a reward, most of the time it will be common items such as Dragon defenders, Imbued rings, etc., but ranging up to Dragon claws or Heroics at a 1/10 chance, and a 1/25 chance to receive a PvP armor piece such as Morrigan's/Vesta's. I believe that all 4 events will bring a new type of PK'ing into the game, and will get people out into the Wilderness. I will be adding a ::multi command for all multi PK'ing teleports as well for the multi PK'ing event. Events will last 10 minutes and have a 10 minute wait between events, score will save between logouts, and will reset upon each new event, but if the server restarts from auto-restart a new event will begin in 5 minutes and your score will be reset. These numbers are all subject to change depending on your feedback.


Don't forget that you are a huge part of making the server what it is. I do take everyone's thoughts into consideration, and the way you represent the server as a player does matter (be nice in-game!). If you want to help give the server a huge change, you must help by giving your feedback, and by giving the server good representation. So please post your thoughts below!

P.S. I don't want to have to change the rules on about flaming, we may have to rename it to "Offensive Language", anyone remember that in RS? Keep the chats as clean as possible, or you may not like the rules we start to enforce.

P.S.S. Stop staking, we will have a secure method of staking very soon. After that, staking outside of the secure system will be a bannable offense.

P.S.S.S. There may be potential flaws that could allow people to win Events easily, but if any become a problem they will be dealt with. The chance of a reward being worth the time spent is slim to none if you abuse a flaw, the main purpose is to give bonus drop rates and PK/Target points, and that cannot be abused.

P.S.S.S.S. Once again I apologize for the wait on the account recoveries, of course I should not have promised something I would not do, I have no excuse for that. However, I am back from a 2 week vacation and I will have more time available now to work on the recoveries and other issues that were sent to my inbox.

P.S.S.S.S.S. My PayPal issues have finally came to an end, and I will once again be able to pay for advertisements.

Thank you for reading, hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.
February 15, 2015, 03:11:30 PM by James
Views: 494 | Comments: 48

Hello everyone,

The recent downtime was originally caused by a DDoS attack. After a long wait I decided to reboot the server which did not actually work, it stayed offline until now. I did of course submit a support ticket and the host still has not reached me about the situation.

However, there is some good news. I've purchased a DDoS protected server which should help prevent this from happening in the future. This means that hopefully by the end of the day we should see the server back up and running. No promises, because there are a few other things that will need to go as planned before completely transferring the server over.

Server Online

The server is back online, there should not be any issues, but if you find any, please post them here.

Edit: Server was down last night due to the auto-restarter not being configured properly, I apologize for that.

Edit: Edit: It's fixed now.

February 13, 2015, 01:35:37 PM by James
Views: 431 | Comments: 34

New Client:

You will need the new client in order to be able to play, or you can play on the Webclient. The new client should run for users with Java 7, and will include new items, bosses, and animations that are being prepared for future releases. I would like to apologize for the wait, as I've been promising to release this client for a while but got caught up in other things.

Download: http://foreverpkers-ps.com/download.zip
Download 2: http://foreverpkers-ps.com/download2.zip
Webclient: http://foreverpkers-ps.com/playnow.php


Combat updates:
Following delay has been fixed.
Running under can still happen, but no longer stops combat. This wwas bound to happen due to how clipping has been fixed.
Mage (autocast, singlespell, with or without staff) and range no longer run up to the player unless blocked by an object.
You can now only use mage in the mage arena (that I'm aware of).

item updates:
White Broodoo Shield now has a 45 second delay instead of 30 seconds (freeze timer remains 30 seconds).
Handcannon has been buffed, it's not as OP as it was before the reset, but still definitely stronger.
Dharok attack animations have been fixed.
Barrelchest Anchor animations have been fixed.
Crystal bow now gives range points instead of melee.

Two new items being released:

Lava Whip:
This whip has a higher special attack damage as well as a chance to hit 5-15 on your opponent.

Gilded Whip:
This item gives 20% bonus drop rate. For each 2 additional Gilded items worn with the whip, you will receive an additional 10% drop rate, for a chance of a total 40% bonus drop rate if wearing 4 Gilded pieces and the Whip.

drop updates:
Broodoo shields drop rates have been lowered slightly.

Server maintenance:
Some lag reduction.

misc. updates:
Kissing emote no longer lets you "teleport" to other locations.

Huge credits to Pez for the server-side fixes.

Account Recoveries:

Once again, I will do them when I have time. I am on vacation, yet I am still willing to do the recoveries right now, just be patient. Anyone who has sent me a PM in the past few days I will read it and recover your account if that is your issue.

P.S. Your account will not be recovered if you only do 1 of the 2 following things: PM me and submit a recovery on http://foreverpkers-ps.com/recover.php
You MUST do both of those things or I will not recover your account timely.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.
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