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November 09, 2014, 10:24:28 AM by James
Views: 167 | Comments: 9

Hey guys, quick update with some fixes and changes.

-Food glitch fixed
-2 Potion glitches fixed, one which involved a cheat client stopping you from being able to use Saradomin brews.
If you still have problems with your food not eating - it's your internet
-You can now only cast magic while in the Mage Arena.
-Wilderness chest moved to the Mage Arena, in the wilderness.
-You will now receive more coins from the chest if you have 1M, 10M, 100M, or 1B coins on you, also increases depending on players online, up to 100 players online.
-Battle mages do not have drops yet.
-If you thieve the wilderness chest or a Rogue in the wilderness, you now have a chance to find a Shiny key.
-Thieving stalls in Edgeville have been adjusted to give less experience at lower level stalls, and much more money from the higher level stalls.
-I am aware that you are not able to cast other spells while wearing God staves, I will be fixing it soon.

Updated November 10th
-The chance to receive Shiny keys from the Wilderness chest has been lowered, but, the chance to receive a shiny key is increased depending on how much money you have, up to 10x while carrying 1B.
-You can now open Shiny keys at any Magic chest.
-Server restart time has been increased restart once per 2:40 rather than 2:00, since there is a noticeable increase in stability.
-There is currently a bug where you can be randomly killed while standing anywhere, even in a bank. I have only had it reported once, but it happened to myself while I was on the server. Until I find a solution, you will no longer lose items on death if you are in a safe area when you die and you are not fighting.
-Untradeable items will now be kept on death, including the Fire cape.
-ZayPay donation error fixed. Those who did not receive points for donating in the past week have been given their points along with a small bonus.

November 09, 2014, 12:38:58 AM by James
Views: 198 | Comments: 21

Hello everyone,

This is a thought I've had for a while, but I'm not going to push a change if a majority of the server is against it, so I am going to take a vote.

Recently, new players join and their only options are to 1. PvM and make a ton of money before they start PK'ing or 2. Start at the gear shop for free PK'ing gear

However, with the recent change I made where players must complete starter tasks, players will start with about 4M and a whip, once they complete the starter tasks which includes killing a player. Before killing a player, they will have 700k from starter tasks.

This means, new players have some money to start out now rather than being completely poor. This allows a change for the Gear Point shop.

Let's get to the pros and cons..

Free Gear Points
-New and old players can get free gear any time they want.
-Less of an economy for the server. Fighting against people in free gear is like fighting someone in no armor, since you gain nothing for killing them besides PK Points.
-Encourages people to not risk.

Gear Points for Cash
-Overall better feel when PK'ing, such as, knowing that any item on the floor after a kill is worth something.
-Everyone is risking something.
-More profit/risk PK'ing.
-May be annoying finding a bit of cash to buy gear for PK'ing.
-Once you run out of money from PK'ing you won't be able to PK until you get more.

Additional changes that would improve this aspect, if chosen:
-Edgeville thieving stalls increased, possibly a rework to make thieving slightly more profitable for starting players. (Other skills are being adjusted in the near future to increase profit majorly, but this would be a simple solution)
-Special attack power increased with weaker weapons (Dragon dagger, mace, etc.) while wearing weaker armors.
-Gear Point item prices increased so that selling them would be profitable.
-Possible price or rarity changes to higher tiered armor to keep everything balanced (we don't want all the new players killed off before they get going!)
-New players could start with 10,000 Gear Points. Limit 2 per IP.
-Gear Point shop prices heavily modified to fit price changes.

Vote Options
-Gear Points should stay free.
-Gear Points should be 1m per 10,000
-Gear Points should be 2.5m per 10,000

This does not mean you will ONLY be able to purchase Gear Points with that amount of money. There would be multiple options ex: 100k for 1,000 Points, 250k for 2,500, etc.

Feel free to post any thoughts or additional suggestions below, and don't forget to vote!
October 31, 2014, 06:18:21 AM by James
Views: 243 | Comments: 12

-Double vote reward and double vote points for voting for a few days to start off the month.
-Pumpkin for voting for the next day or two. Not yet edible.

-Dharok's set bonus no longer gives accuracy based on health missing. Even 9% was too strong.
-Rock-shell is now tier-50 armor. The price in the shop has been increased, along with the stats to make it stronger than rune, and each piece provides a small strength bonus.
-Rock-shell boots and gloves added to the armour shop.
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