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July 22, 2015, 07:01:31 PM by James
Views: 242 | Comments: 16

Hello everyone!

Just a few quick updates;

Thanks to the recent donations, we are now able to upgrade to a dedicated server, that will be hosted by our current server provider. In terms of hardware, the server is 4x faster than the one our server is currently hosted on. Will it actually run that fast? Possibly, we can only hope. If this is not the full issue we can surely find something causing the lag in due time.

In addition, we will be able to have some additional server advertisement next month! This should hopefully get the server out to a few more people.

I would like to add that I will be putting up a few polls soon for updates, keep watching the forums! Your vote could be the one that counts.

July 18, 2015, 05:40:00 AM by James
Views: 599 | Comments: 42

Hello everyone,

Server is online. Double Vote Rewards Enabled.

Please note that the Event Point Shop will not be available until August 1st, due to the popular request of disabling it for a short while after the reset.

I would like to apologize for the long delay of this reset, I had a lot of things going on in real life and couldn't focus on fixing the server and doing these changes. However, a lot of things have cleared up now, so I should have a bit of time that I can put into the server. The following changes have been made to aim towards an overall better PK'ing economy.

Economy Reset
-Item dupe has been fixed.
-Items have been reset for all players, due to the dupe.
-Points received after server reset have been changed. This is to ensure that everyone receives a more fair amount of points in comparison to what they previously earned, and to begin with a steady and non-overflowing economy.

The following are the formulas that will be used to determine your points after the reset:
  • PK Points equal to 5 x Kills + 10-30% Member bonus.
  • Target Points equal to 50% of your previous amount.
  • Event Points equal to 25% of your previous amount. This is only for this reset, since Events have changed. Your total Event Points will be reduced to this amount as well. After this reset you would most likely receive 100% of your earned amount.
  • Slayer Points equal to 100% of your previous amount.
  • Pandemonium Points equal to 25% of your previous amount. This is only for this reset, because I have a feeling a few people abused an exploit to gain points. Your total Pandemonium Points will be reduced to this amount as well. After this reset you would most likely receive 100% of your earned amount.
  • Melee, ranged and magic Kill Points (used for Void) will be reset to 0.
  • Vote Points equal to 20% of your previous amount, max of 1250.
  • Donator Points equal to 100% of your previous amount.
  • The following shops have been changed: Donator Shop, PK Point Shop, Barrows Shop, Vote Point Shop, Royalty Shop, and Target Point Shop.
  • Small drop rate changes to the following monsters: Ice trolls, Chaos dwarves, Bears.
  • Event Points earned from participating and winning events has been decreased to 5 and 20. In addition, you will no longer earn Event Points from slaying monsters or bosses during the Wilderness Slayer events.
  • Rapier attack speed has been fixed, they will now attack slightly faster.
  • The cost of the Armour PK Point Gamble has been increased 750, but you will now only have the chance to receive Bandos & Armadyl pieces, or a Dragonfire shield.
  • Bears no longer drop Dragon claws.
  • Expanded Mysterious Old Man's dialogue to better explain Veteran and Completionist requirements.
  • You must now own a TokHaar-kal cape in order to claim a Completionist cape.
  • You will no longer stop fishing each time you catch a fish.
  • Success rate while cooking fish has been slightly increased.
  • Magic keys will no longer be received when using the Magic chest gamble for 15 Donator tickets.
  • Vote Mystery box rewards have been majorly changed, they have less of a chance to give useless items, but will not flood the game with Dragon claws anymore.
  • Highscores for Target Rating and Pandemonium have been reset.
  • More to come in the next week!

Exploits Fixed
  • You can no longer protect your items when dying by exploiting with the Fight Pits minigame.
  • Teleporting exploits have been fixed. You should no longer see people teleport out of battle, and objects spawned by the use of cheat clients will no longer take you into the wilderness.
  • Banking exploits have been completely fixed. You can no longer bank items outside of safe areas. If there are some banks that you can no longer access, please report them to a staff member.
  • Switching your magic book can no longer be done in the wilderness by exploiting.

With the above changes, you should expect to see a huge change in the rarity of items. Not only will there be a much lower influx of gold after the reset, but also slightly less PK Points. Additionally, some of the more powerful items, such as Godswords, are no longer available for purchase from the PK Point Shop. Event Points will also be earned at a much slower rate, preventing the overflow of the rarest items in the economy, something that you may have noticed before this reset.

I am aware of the many issues that are still causing major problems in the game, such as staking, and lag, and these will be worked on before anything else. The reason they are not fixed is due to it being better to prioritize getting the game back into a playable state. I am still planning on working on the aforementioned updates (some from months ago), however, I need to get some specific things fixed before releasing additional, and more difficult content. I very much appreciate the patience you have all had during this time.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy Scaping!

June 28, 2015, 12:43:27 AM by James
Views: 1188 | Comments: 44

Hello everyone,

I am aware of the dupe situation and have taken steps which hopefully fixed it, however I have a few other precautions to take before the server is reset.

I will be working on solving the issue this weekend, and when the server resets there will hopefully be plenty of changes that will make gameplay more enjoyable and the economy more stable than what it was.

Have a great weekend.

7/15/2015 - Sorry for the delay, still working on solving some things before resetting the server. Expect it to be done soonTM.

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