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October 30, 2014, 11:14:39 AM by James
Views: 51 | Comments: 7

-You will no longer walk into walls while fighting or following someone.
-You will no longer walk next to people when using certain ranged weapons.
-Doing a change to drops where you will only get 1 drop instead of multiple drops in 1. This is mainly to reduce the time it takes to loot. I know this is a pretty big change, since sometimes you will get 5 items in 1 drop, but with this change you will receive the most expensive item that drops if multiple items were to drop. I will also be adjusting a few rates to make sure the drops are as good as they were before this change.
-Dragon bolts (e) special damage without dragonfire protection decreased, but with dragonfire protection is slightly higher than before. Basically, with dragon fire you will no longer be completely immune, and without it will not take 75+ damage hits.
-All dragons now breathe fire.
-Blue dragons added to Taverly dungeon. Most drops are meant to be alched. You can also receive Blue dragons as a Slayer task.
-King black dragon now drops Magic keys.
October 28, 2014, 01:22:01 AM by James
Views: 147 | Comments: 15

-You must now actually vote to earn your Voting reward. Many players skipped voting by opening up the links but not voting. I am sorry if this inconveniences you, but if you want the reward you will just have to vote. If everyone continues voting we will have at least double the votes we were getting before, putting us much higher on the top-list sites and giving the server more publicity. Thanks for voting!
-A bug causing small lag spikes has been fixed (Involved accounts not registering correctly to the Highscores database)
-Vote pages edited, and Gold Membership purchased on TopG and Top100Arena, which gives us a banner and starts us off with bonus votes, drawing more attention towards our advertisement.
-A new animated banner is being made, for the Top-List sites.
-Vengeance now hits you back when you kill the player.
-If two players kill each other at the same time, they will receive the enemy's items.

On another note, I understand we are seeing a slight rise in players recently, I am doing my best to reduce the lag as much as possible. If it is necessary I will purchase a new host, but I will see how much I can reduce the lag before that takes place.

Have a great week.
October 27, 2014, 05:52:19 AM by James
Views: 105 | Comments: 9

-Vengeance now works against monsters. (old)
-You can no longer log out while in combat with bosses.
-Your hitpoints no longer go to full when you log in and you are above 20 Wilderness. This was originally meant to prevent rushers in Edgeville from killing you when you logout, it is not really necessary for higher wilderness levels, and is being abused for PvM.
-Low and high alchemy spells have been fixed. Low alchemy will give you less coins than the shop offers, and high alchemy will give you more coins than the shop offers.
-New command. If you are stuck in the wilderness and cannot teleport out, you can type ::stuck. This can not be used in combat, and it will wait 1 minute before teleporting you to Edgeville. Can be used once per hour.
-Dragon full helm drop rate from the King black dragon has been majorly increased, but not too majorly.

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