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January 25, 2015, 02:44:26 AM by James
Views: 183 | Comments: 13

Hey everyone,

Sorry for 2 resets so close apart but I said it would probably happen. We had many issues that still needed fixing. I hope for this to be the last reset for a while, however I could be completely wrong. If so, don't hate me, I'll give you guys a good bonus if the server has to reset within the next month.

-Dragon claws special attack damage has been increased by 14%
-Polypore damage has been slightly lowered, including a lower max damage cap
-Hand cannon damage has been overall lowered
-Dharok set price in PK Point shop increased by 40 points total
-Chaotic drop rate lowered majorly
-Korasi drop rate lowered slightly
-Mage bank and KBD gate clipping issues fixed
-Wilderness chest now has a chance of doing damage
-Rogue's thieve chance of keys are lowered
-Various items in PK Point shop have had their price increased
-Various items in the Donator shop have had their price increased
-Shiny key drop rates are lowered overall
-Santa hats removed from Donator ticket chest, and you will redeem the correct amount of Santa's if redeeming over 200 tickets. This will be removed in a month, I want to make sure everyone who donated during the Christmas Deal gets what they were offered
-Rogue no-clipping has been fixed

Huge credits to Pez for doing most of these changes.

Updates coming soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
January 23, 2015, 02:48:12 AM by James
Views: 741 | Comments: 104

Hello everyone,

We will be having another server reset tomorrow after I work out a few bugs and change a few things. I apologize for having 2 resets this close to each other, but I'm sure it's in everyone's best interest if you want me to fix the issue with coins flowing into the economy. I can almost guarantee there will not be another reset for a while. 

There will also be a new client when this happens to fix a few client issues, including issues involving players not being able to load the Java 8 client.

As for updates, there will be a brand new wilderness boss coming your way pretty soon after the reset occurs.

If you have any suggestions for what could be changed before this occurs tomorrow, feel free to leave them here.

For those who have been hacked from logging into the "test server", I will recover your accounts tomorrow BEFORE the server resets, as long as I have been made aware that you have been hacked.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.
January 21, 2015, 10:20:21 PM by James
Views: 399 | Comments: 31


The server has been reset due to a dupe, I believe I have fixed the dupe however if it's not fixed we may need to reset again. If you don't want to get reset again, simply don't play until tomorrow.

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